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What Season is Best to Replace a Commercial Roof

Are you putting off maintenance because you're unsure when the optimal time of year is to replace your commercial roof? While each season has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, the best time to replace your roof is when you need it! If you need a replacement straight away, don't wait for a better season.

If you have the luxury of planning and scheduling your roof replacement, here are the best seasons to get that new roof you've been considering for your office or commercial space, listed from worst to best.

Winter Months, 4th Place

If you can avoid it, winter is a difficult season to perform a commercial roof replacement if you can avoid it, especially in cold weather climates. While there are certain advantages to this season (such as shorter wait times and more roofing availability), there are also some drawbacks.

The key reason that makes this season the least optimal for roof replacement is the cold temperatures. For starters, your roof keeps you safe from the weather. When your building's roof is removed for replacement, you lose protection (temporarily) from not only freezing temperatures but also snow and ice.

During this time of year, rooftops can often accumulate a lot of snow and ice, which can be dangerous.

Furthermore, the material put on your roof may be unable to adhere correctly due to the low conditions, causing complications down the line. In freezing temperatures, sealants are more difficult to apply, which may result in less stable roofing repairs. As a result, it's critical to hire an experienced, informed roofing contractor who knows what products can and cannot be utilized, as well as how to best deal with inclement weather and cold temperatures.

Winter roof replacement, on the other hand, can't (and shouldn't) always be avoided. Winter roof replacement or repair has the advantage of reduced wait periods, as it is typically the least active season for roofing operations.

The Summer Months came in third place

"Summer offers wonderful weather, so why wouldn't it be the best time to arrange my roof replacement?" you might think. Most people understand that a hard winter can cause damage to their roofs. Fewer people are aware, however, that summer weather can be just as dangerous.

Another factor to consider when deciding whether to replace your roof is the amount of work that your roofing experts will have to do. Summer heat may be oppressive, especially when you're on top of a roof in the middle of the day! Your roofers will be working throughout the warmest portions of the day, and while expert commercial roofing companies can handle it, it is still more comfortable for the employees if they can work in lower conditions. This selection is also influenced by the materials used on your roof. Due to the high temperatures, metal roof installation during the summer months might be more difficult for roofers.

When deciding on a season for your roof replacement, late summer is a good option because your roof will be less exposed to excessive temperature highs shortly after it is replaced. Scheduling a roof replacement for early summer is also a good choice, but you'll have to work around any lingering late spring weather patterns.

But keep in mind that the best time to replace your roof is when you actually need it! If your roof is severely damaged, don't put it off fixing it.

The Spring Months came in second

Spring is one of the best times to replace your roof. To begin with, winter has passed us by. When you replace your roof in the spring, you have a fresh start after all of the potential winter damage your roof may have sustained throughout the winter.

Winter weather can cause a variety of issues with your roof. You'll be able to start anew once the weather warms up if you replace it once the weather warms up.

Alternatively, by replacing your roof in the spring, your new roof will be better able to resist the hard weather leading up to summer; asphalt shingles and other roofing materials will be much more durable to withstand extreme heat and temperature swings.

Spring, on the other hand, is not without its troubles. During the spring and summer, thunderstorms are most common. Storm damage to your roof may occur as a result of strong winds and flying debris in the aftermath of severe weather.

Autumn came in First Place:

Roofers often have the busiest season in the fall, and there's a reason for that. Because of the colder temperatures and milder weather patterns, roof repairs and replacements are easier to complete in the fall. Extreme temperature highs and lows, as well as quick weather changes, are less frequent at this time.

Because summer and winter are known for causing the most roof damage, it's best to get all of your roofing work done in the off-season. Roofing materials and shingles can disintegrate in the heat of summer, so repairing your roof as soon as possible will prevent problems from worsening. Regular roof care is the most effective way to delay the need for a new roof on your commercial property for as long as feasible.

Similarly, as temperatures drop in the winter, securing your building with a stable roof base is critical, as winter is known to cause roofing damage.

Fall weather, on the other hand, poses its own set of problems for roofs and structures. While colored leaves falling from the trees can be lovely, they can cause problems for your roof. The leaves themselves are light and harmless, but when they accumulate and trap moisture, they get heavier. If leaves and water collect on your flat roof, it may droop or leak, resulting in water damage. If leaves accumulate in your gutters and collect moisture, the weight will pull your roof down and damage the shingles. Even if you aren't planning on repairing or replacing your roof, now is the time to perform preventative maintenance by cleaning out your gutters and removing any debris from your roof.

Employ the Services of a Reliable Commercial Roofer

Employ the Services of a Reliable Commercial Roofer

Hire reputable professionals to repair or replace your roof at any time of year to ensure that your structure is in good condition. A roof that has been put incorrectly will deteriorate quickly and will need to be replaced much sooner than intended.

Annual roof inspections are the most effective approach to extend the life of your roof and avoid an emergency roof replacement, because evaluating the state of your roof on a regular basis allows you to fix problems before they turn into leaks, allowing you to keep your roof for longer. Even with all of the benefits and drawbacks of each season, the greatest time to replace a business roof is when you need it. For all of your roofing needs, contact TEMA Roofing Services.

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